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RealTimeStretch Update

April 18, 2012

I’ve updated my real-time pitch-shift/time-stretch effect with a few new features. As requested by  a few users, I added an envelope to the ensemble, which allows for depth control and fading the effect in and out. I also added a simple stutter glitch function with feedback, allowing for some pretty extreme effects – each time the delayed section repeats, it operates on the previous iteration. Hence, if you play a stutter with the speed knob at 0.5, first the speed will be 0.5, the next pass it will be 0.25, then 0.125, etc, playing back the same sound slower and slower.  To turn off the stutter effect, simply reduce the delay knob to 0.

The whole project is still very much a work in progress but I though some users might enjoy the new features. Have fun, and download here.

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